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Who we are?

Who we are?

Humble beginning in 2002 with a handful of local volunteers in the midst of an arm conflict, it was indeed a challenging task. The sheer dedication and commitment of the volunteers made this journey a great success.
What we do?

What we do?

We focus on multiple tasks as the geographical area we work is highly underdeveloped. Even now they need support to develop to keep pace with other areas in the country.


Would you like to join with us as a volunteer to enjoy the real rural hospitality and to have a most memorable experience.

The Long Journey

Coordinating Center for Community Development now popularly known as 3CD was established in 2002 to pull both human and financial resources together from the likeminded people to utilize for the wellbeing and upliftment of the marginalized and most disadvantaged people who were affected by ethnic conflict at that time. After one-year of active service it was officially registered as a Voluntary Social Service Non-Governmental Organization on 01.07.2003. The Tsunami in December 2004 has changed the course of action to a greater extend while our primary activities went on unabated.

The necessity of forming such an organization was initiated by Dr.K.M.Zahir (President) and  A.W.M.Buhari (General Secretary) and it was well accepted from the likeminded professionals from different field. There were many supporting the activities voluntarily and financially. It was later that some International Organizations that came to assist 3CD after seeing our activities on the ground. It was their support that helped us to engage in humanitarian activities to a broader area.

Beginning with some educational program to foster cross cultural amity among students, the last 18+ years has been an amazing journey to reach to this level with assistance from volunteers and with the support from some European organization and UN organizations.

1st inaugural meeting of 3CD

in February 2002 in Wattegama Kandy

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