Hello everyone!
I’m Judit, a spanish volunteer who stayed in the magnificent Peace Center from June 2016 to November 2016, six months which I will never forget!
I was working as an English teacher in 3CD office and in ERC (a local 5 minutes’ bicycle ride from peace center). In 3CD, I gave English lessons to university students: I started having around 15 students, and I ended up having my 6 lovely university students. In ERC, I offered evening English lessons to adults, working men. I focused on increasing their speaking skills with both groups, we had so much fun!
When I had my holidays, I enjoyed going outside Mutur to visit new places in Sri Lanka: I was a usual citizen in Trincomalee ( Koneswara temple is a must) , in Nilaveli and Marble beach. I also went to Arugam bay, and I did several trips to central SCI residence in Kandy ( getting to know Blue Rose is another must 🙂 )
However, what I liked the most was to stay in Mutur, my second home away from home: I enjoyed getting to know the people from Mutur, going to buy vegetables near Mutur town, talking to Mr.Buhari when he was around… There was so much to see and do in Mutur, if you had your mind and your heart open.
My volunteering work at Peace Center was one of the happiest experiences in my life, I learned so much from Mutur people, their way of living and their culture. And their are hilarious too if you are able to get their sense of humor :p
Feel free to contact me:
Judit Godall Mateo (Facebook)
Email address: judit.godall17@gmail.com
Barcelona, Spain.